The Morning Rant- Hats off to Amazon, W H Smiths, and Shame on you Facebook.

Photograph of Oxford by susan sheldon nolen

It’s not so much as a rant but more of a puzzlement. I don’t understand the screams of censorship over the recent decision of Amazon, W H Smiths and others to not publish pornography. Screams of censorship are flying about. These online shops are now the publishers of our modern world along with some brick and mortar boys.  Publishing now has a different venue on the internet and there is indeed freedom for writers to write and publish whatever they please,  but that does not mean printers, or publishers are obligated to print matter they do not agree with. It’s always been the same. Certain publishing houses of the old brick and mortar type publish books that suit their lists. Amazon, it so happens, has an endless list, but it does not want to be a publisher of  graphic pornography. Nor does W H Smiths.

The trouble is and has always been, what is pornography?  How come they publish Fifty Shades of Gray, which a hundred years ago would not have been sold or printed by any decent publisher or book shop, nor distributer. That would have been printed by a private press, sold under the table, or in certain dank sex shops. But this ” Mommy porn is not what they are refusing to publish. It’s some ugly stuff to put it mildly. There are plenty of sex publishers for the type of  vile graphic pornography whose authors are screaming censorship.

I believe as a society we have to take a firm stand, and draw the line somewhere.

Violent against women is not sexual, it is violence.

Child pornography is violence against children.

Animals…don’t even get me started there.

So hats off to Amazon for catching this problem, a bit late perhaps, and for WH Smith and others, well done!

If you want to buy this stuff, publish it, well…no one is stopping you, but don’t expect it to go mainstream just because you want to sell it.  Set up your own dark little website and have at it.

On another note  and this is a indeed a rant. Shame on you Facebook!

Facebook has changed it’s policy again…sigh..  again…but this time I have to say something about it. Why on earth  willing expose our children to the world-wide web? With the former privacy policy, children learned how to interact on the web with some security. Not that anything really is secure on the internet.  Now with a short click,  a minor child can change the privacy policy so that anyone in the world can see me now? Why? Why encourage this? Surely enough advertising dollars are being made as it is.

But what to do? Is the answer to boycott all the advertisers? Yes, if you could pin point them, but a better way would be for every woman on Facebook, every father on Facebook, to boycott Facebook for a few days in protest. That would get their attention indeed.

Protect our children Facebook, you have the tools, use them.  

About susan sheldon nolen

It’s rare to catch me without coffee, a form of camera, or my beloved wire fox terriers. I love the history, the art, and it’s a massive part of my life, as I either paint, write, or get interrupted by my dogs, reminding me of the real world. I hope you enjoy your time here. It’s such a privilege to have readers.
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1 Response to The Morning Rant- Hats off to Amazon, W H Smiths, and Shame on you Facebook.

  1. I agree with you about the pornography. If someone wants it they sure know where to find it because it is everywhere.
    I don’t understand your Facebook rant though. I don’t have an account and I did not catch any news about the problem. I learn something new every day though. 🙂 I have the world at my finger tips.

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