Homeless in Seattle

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I was about to cross the street when this homeless man checking out what I first thought was a bundle of rags caught my attention. This is another view of the young woman trying to keep warm on an March … Continue reading

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Rousillon the colour of orcre.

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You cannot escape this view when you enter the village of Rousillon France. It is far more stunning than any camera can capture. The colour of the earth if you are lucky enough to paint, can be found in little … Continue reading

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Rousillon, France 

Rousillon France Susan Sheldon When you arrive in Provence, you expect sunshine, good food, but one unexpected delight is the gift of colour, it is as if a box of artist’s paints fell from the sky and dusted this little village with colour. Rousillon is perhaps such a wonder. 

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The little Foyles handbooks

Foyles handbook smooth fox terrier I’m very fond of these little handbooks by Christina Foyle,  who joined her father in the publishing game at the tender age of 17. These books, small and handy were full of valuable information. Just the sort of book to read on the train journey home and want more to read!

 Most importantly the second half of these books were not carbon copies of advice as one finds in other breed titles. I always found that highly annoying. Twenty pages breed specific, then fifty generic pages of how to feed a puppy. I just wanted to toss those books in frustration. But these little handbooks were complete and different for each Breed.

This book publisher was set up on Charing Cross Road, London, which at one time was bookshop heaven. My father always talked of the days he lived in the various bookshops on the Charing Cross Road. 

Christina Foyles was an incrediblely strong woman, and  according to the Foyles website, her father sent her to Stalinist Russia to collect debts. No wonder these little books were produced with good paper and bindings making an old copy still readable today!   Christina only wanted perfection! 

These little handbooks were written by experts in their field. The Irish terrier was written by Edna Howard Jones, a dedicated notable Irish  terrier fancier, who knew her dogs from tail to nose. The Smooth Fox Terrier was written by the noted dog fancier E. Lindley Wood.

It’s a shame Foyles no longer produces these little handbooks as I am sure a modern version would sell just as long as the breed written about has four paws on the ground. 
In the meanwhile…I continue to live in the past! 
This little handbook and more is available in my etsy shop

Ted and Co Studio

If you want to read more about the history of this publisher pop over to 


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Puppy troubles

​​ Maggie the Irish Terrier thinks now is the time to score something off the counter. But Trouble Bubble the wire fox terrier thinks it’s time to run! Happy New Year!! ​ ​

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Hello again 2017

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The morning sky in Oxford simply reminded me of the importance of spending time in nature. Studies are saying just five minutes can reduce stress and anxiety allowing us to have roaming focus instead of that heart beating pulse of … Continue reading

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Notre-Dame de Senanque, susan sheldon nolen, France Walking on the back side of the Notre-Dame de Senanque abbey I was captured by the simplicity of lines. Everything appears to lead in a direction, but exactly where is a question to be pondered over a glass of wine produced from the grapes in this region.  Heaven in Provence. 

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Stepping back in time at the abbey.

Nortre dame de senanque, susan sheldon, Notre-Dame de Senanque is a Cistercian abbey near the village of Gordes in the department of the Vaucluse in Provence. I couldn’t help but feel like I was back in time. Although there were tourists about, the promise of shade just drifted up from the walled gardens. 

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a window above

Gordes France photography by susan sheldon nolen
I walked by this window  in Gordes with only the sunshine causing movements of light. Then as I turned, five children burst onto the scene  laughing, ran up the stairs, leaving only a memory of joy flashing by.

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From Across the Street in Seattle

Susan Nolen's Photograph of the homeless in Seattle enjoying the music of a buskerThe sun broke through the clouds  and just before I crossed the street I caught this image. A homeless man in downtown Seattle listening the the music of a busker. This week’s entry for my black and white photograph challenge.


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