Art- Photography

I grew up with camera’s in my life. Posing for endless long suffering shots as my father experimented with his Leica and Rolliflex. I had thought all those hours of suffering had made me immune to the passion of photography, but I am absolutely smitten. All the photographs on my blog site are mine, unless otherwise noted. All are low resolution for web browsing, high resolution without copyright, etc, are available when you find one that you would like. Please contact me for further information. I use my Leica camera and my iPhone. I try to do as little as possible in editing most of the time, others…I like to have fun!

Susan Nolen's Photograph of the Marais Paris

My favourite corner of Paris, Le Marais



From my room in Oxford, a beautiful sunrise. So lucky to be up and about to catch this skyline.

Susan Nolen's Photograph of St Paul London England

London, my city, a view from the river boat just before a down pour.