Good Morning London!

Art Photo rendition of Tower Bridge with wire fox terrier by susan sheldon nolen

Finally the jet lag is just a memory. This flight was incredibly noisy. The galley crew sounded as if they were hammering pots and pans instead of serving up microwaved aeroplane food! My flight partner was a chap on his way to Spain, who, I think must have thought I was the last person he was going to meet and told me his life story! I won’t bore you with it here, as I resorted to headphones to save my sanity! London is looking good in the sunlight! I’m looking forward to reading your posts with a strong cup of tea before I head up to Oxford!

About susan sheldon

I am an explorer. It's taken me awhile to realise this. But I love capturing bits of our wonderful world with my camera, travelling through time and history, always returning to write, or paint what I've discovered. I use my Leica and my iPhone to capture images, and with those images I try to hold on to a feeling, a moment in our busy lives. Sometimes those moments bring me into the past, others into the studio to paint, or back to the old typewriter to try to use words to capture what the camera has done for me already. One of my goals in my blog is to have a space to take a breath away from our frantic world. I hope you enjoy your time here. It’s such a privilege to have readers.
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