Tales From the City- A stormy river walk

susan nolen's black and white photograph of a stormy london eye

I was heading home from Foyles Books  on the South Bank and I just didn’t want to get on the train home right away, I wanted to stretch my legs. I took a couple of photos of the London Eye wondering if I would ever get the courage to go up top. I can imagine the view must be stupendous, however, I don’t like being in a glass cage that sways millions of miles above the river. I know, I know…it’s safe and all that, but the primitive part of the brain steps in and says...ummmm…not good for survival. Step back from the edge! This year I want to experiment with black and white photography  along with the usual fun stuff so I took these rather dark photographs just before the sky opened and drenched me to the skin!

These photographs all ended up with rain-drops splodging things along with some rather large rain drops on the lens. Talk about panic. Do I wipe off the lens, or just shove the camera under the trench coat? I chose the latter and worried about it the entire train ride home. I’ve been told, leave the camera open to air drive. Makes loads of sense, but how do you keep the lens out when the battery saver mode just shuts everything down? Sometimes you just have to get out there and not worry about things. Easy enough to say as I am still fussing about it!

Black and White photograph of the London Eye by susan Sheldon Nolen

When I first heard about the giant wheel, I have to say I was outraged. How dare they put a big wheel thingy right in the heart of London. What if it took off running about like mad? London smashed to bits by runaway wheel? Be a great disaster movie! Thing is, sometimes new things do make a place better, more fun. I have grown to love The London Eye.

If you don’t fancy a spin 135 meters in the air, there’s loads to do nearby, ( besides popping into Foyles Books) there is everything from restaurants, The Royal Festival Hall, even the London Dungeon to give you a right proper scare, or wanting something more quieter? You can pop into the Poetry Library, only three minutes away, and read from over 90,000 items. That’s surely enough material to ride out a rainy storm! In the meanwhile….more tea needed before I get up into the air!

About susan sheldon nolen

It’s rare to catch me without coffee, a form of camera, or my beloved wire fox terriers. I love the history, the art, and it’s a massive part of my life, as I either paint, write, or get interrupted by my dogs, reminding me of the real world. I hope you enjoy your time here. It’s such a privilege to have readers.
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9 Responses to Tales From the City- A stormy river walk

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    We took a ride on the London Eye a few years ago. I’m not a fan of heights, so it took some courage, but my kids loved it, and it was a great way to get an expansive view of London.

    • I am planning to do it! Courage Courage Courage…lol..I will do it this year! I hate the swinging bit!

      • Carrie Rubin says:

        I don’t remember too much motion. I just remember my sons teasing me that we were going to break away and fall. They’re sweet like that.

      • Well I won’t ask them then to accompany me! I have some little ones in my life like that. They would love to see me scream as the cage swung back and forth. To make matters worse they would remind me of the couple that got stuck in one of the carriages for over two hours! Yikes! Best not to think of these things!

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  3. smackedpentax says:

    I have just discovered your fantastic London blog Susan, I live in a small market town in Yorkshire so it is great to read a blog about ‘the City’. I come to London occasionally with my job but unfortunately never have time to look around. Most of my photographs and writings are about the moors and Dales so it is refreshing to see how ‘city folk’ live. I am sitting here with a cup of coffee and am enjoying reading your posts. By the way, your photos are superb!

    • My gosh, thank you! You made my day! I once had the marvellous opportunity to come up to Yorkshire and visit with a Sealyham Breeder. Before I got to see the dogs, it was a full English Roast on offer. It was an amazing experience and such breath taking country side! One of these years, I will spend a month in the country! I will, I will! 🙂

      • smackedpentax says:

        I have a friend who is a top breeder for Weimaraner’s, I would have one if I was at home a lot but sadly I work long hours so it wouldn’t be fair on the dog

      • They really do need company. My Ted has his routine and woe to me if I mess it up! But saying that, some dogs are great at home alone, with another dog for companionship. Weimies…are so pretty! The colour is just unbelievable!

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