The incredible amazing sushi hood

One of my favourite meals consists of a good cup of green tea,  a dish of natto  maki and seaweed.

English: selfmade Nattō (納豆) Deutsch: selbstge...

Normally I am too busy to look up from my chop sticks, but this I did. Wow talk about overkill.  Above the little dishes of sushi on the revolving track was a massive hood. You’d expect something like this in a steak place or at least somewhere where a lot of grilling, frying, or smoke was involved. But no, with raw food on the menu and the odd tempura fry up, this massive kid was hanging in the air! I’m glad I don’t need this in my kitchen!

The Massive Sushi Hood

About susan sheldon nolen

It’s rare to catch me without coffee, a form of camera, or my beloved wire fox terriers. I love the history, the art, and it’s a massive part of my life, as I either paint, write, or get interrupted by my dogs, reminding me of the real world. I hope you enjoy your time here. It’s such a privilege to have readers.
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11 Responses to The incredible amazing sushi hood

  1. Over here, those hoods are usually required by code for restaurants, even if the place doesn’t need one. It’s ridiculous.

  2. crubin says:

    What? You mean it’s weird I have one of those in my kitchen? 😉

    I’m not a fan of seaweed, but I’ll agree with you on a good cup of green tea. 🙂

  3. paralaxvu says:

    It looks like its own piece of sculptural art! I agree with Andra, though, health dept rules can make restaurants do what we think are crazy things but what, if not done, will give the food a “B” rating from that scary visit by the inspector. (Sound like I used to own a restaurant? Hmmmmm….”

  4. It does seem to be a little… excessive, Susan! 😉

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