It can’t be true, post number 50? oh, so many more to go….

photo of author

Original Photograph. R. E. A. Sheldon. Edited S.H.Sheldon (C)2012

They say when you are doing something you really enjoy, time doesn’t exist. I just posted Tales From The City- Mucking about in Caves and noticed it was post number 50! Wow! Things are moving along! I am still a bloggie! ( need to keep the quota up to be a blogger! My previous definition of bloggers –“Since I am new at blogging, I will name myself a Blogie instead of a blogger.  When I get up to, say a hundred posts, only then will I have earned the right to call myself a blogger. ” 

I’m still learning all the tricks of blogging,( adding to links to blogs I enjoy). It’s great fun to see the different countries reading my blog. Hello World!  We really are a small wonderful place.

It’s time to shout out a thank you to all my readers, because without you, I would be shouting into nothingness without your support!

So Here’s a massive big thank you!!!!

thank you note for every language

thank you note for every language (Photo credit: woodleywonderworks)

About susan sheldon nolen

It’s rare to catch me without coffee, a form of camera, or my beloved wire fox terriers. I love the history, the art, and it’s a massive part of my life, as I either paint, write, or get interrupted by my dogs, reminding me of the real world. I hope you enjoy your time here. It’s such a privilege to have readers.
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4 Responses to It can’t be true, post number 50? oh, so many more to go….

  1. aFrankAngle says:

    Congrats on the milestone. Keep in mind you won’t reach 52 until after 51. Thanks for visiting my little corner today.

  2. Thanks aFRankAngle! More Milestones to go and looking forward to them!

  3. Oh congratulations on your milestone from me too, Susan! Time really does fly doesn’t it?
    Here’s to your next 50… 500! 😀

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